Remin Volcanic Rockdust 10kg

Natures soil regenerator!

£9.99 each

Winner of the best retail product 2015 and a finalist in 2016, Remin gives you stronger, healthier trees & plants and better vegetable harvests whatever size your garden or allotment. 

Replenishing macro nutrients, micro nutrients and over 30 trace elements in your potentially exhausted soil it re-mineralises and re-fertilises the soil itself. 

This helps beneficial microbes to flourish around the roots of your plants. 

Ideal for compost heaps & wormeries it’s approved by The Soil Association Society and the Organic Farmers & Growers Society. 

A 10kg bag will cover 20 square metres.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2215
  • Quantity 1x 10kg bag

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£9.99 each
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