Resolva Weedkiller 2 Action Concentrate 250ml

£9.99 each

  • Effects visible after just a few days
  • Kills unwanted grasses and vegetation
  • Eliminates top ten weeds like dandelions, docks and nettles
  • Kills the roots of weeds fast
  • Weedkiller breaks down in the soil naturally after treatment

Take advantage of this dual-action effective systemic Resolva Weedkiller. Kills weeds like dandelions and nettles fast thanks to the effective formula, plus large areas of unwanted vegetation including brushwood and grass. Useful when you have taken on a neglected allotment or vegetable plot.

Makes up 16 litres of ready-to-use weedkiller in total: and covers a total of 333 square metres (3584 sqaure foot). Handy to dilute and use in sprayer for larger areas.

We recommend that you apply Resolva Weedkiller 2 Action Concentrate through the spring and summer on a dry day as wet weather may dilute the ready to use formula. Do not allow pets near the treated area until the product has dried.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7132
  • Quantity 1x 250ml Bottle

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£9.99 each
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