Rhubarb Forcer

£75.99 each

  • Create rhubarb sticks, sweet and tender
  • Terracotta colour
  • Traditional Victorian design
  • All the appearance of true terracotta but lightweight and easy to move
  • Made from multi-density polyethylene, resistant to chipping and breaking
  • More durable to UK climate than true terracotta
  • H75cm, diameter 50cm

Get this traditional Rhubarb Forcer for your vegetable plot and enjoy a yield of rhubarb much sooner than if you grow conventionally and of forced rhubarb both tender and sweet.

Growing rhubarb without light in its initial sprouting stage encourages the stems to elongate and as a consequent develop soft tissue which happens to be more palatable and tenderer than regular rhubarb.

Made from polyethylene your Rhubarb Forcer is lighter than a true terracotta forcer and easier to move around the plot, and to lift once you wish to harvest the delicious forced stems. Not only is it conveniently lightweight it is resistant to our variable weather, resistant to cracking or becoming brittle from frost or fading in the sun.

We recommend that you remove the lid after around six to eight weeks after placing the Rhubarb Forcer over the rhubarb crown. Check to see on its progress – the stalks should be around 30cm (12in) tall with light almost bleached-coloured leaves.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6046
  • Quantity 1x Rhubarb Forcer
  • Height 75cm / 29in

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£75.99 each
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