Rhubarb plant crown - Trio Pack Victoria, Stockbridge Arrow & Champagne

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  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

The Rhubarb Trio Crown Pack contains one crown each of: Rhubarb Victoria, Stockbridge Arrow and Champagne. The perfect complete culinary collection; here is a variety for munching on straight from the plant, a variety for crumbles and a variety for jams.

Rhubarb Victoria:

One of the easiest varieties to grow and ready to pick a bit later than Stockbridge Arrow. Victoria produces an excellent crop of greenish sticks which are not inclined to stringiness. Excellent for pies and preserves.

Rhubarb Stockbridge Arrow:

A superb modern variety that has now become recognised as the quality rhubarb. Once established, each crown will produce up to 6lb of sticks in a season. These can grow up to 2ft in length when forced. The sticks are red throughout the whole length and are especially tender, fine tasting and string-less when forced.

Rhubarb Champagne:

This is often considered to be the ultimate variety for forcing. We offer individually inspected and graded 2 year old crowns that have been grown from certified seed so we are confident that it is the real thing.

Crowns have a minimum of 2 strong buds to produce good healthy flavoursome stems.

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Catalogue Number 1060-5563
  • Quantity 3x Rhubarb Crowns, 1x of Each Variety
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