Rocket Seed Potatoes

£5.99 each

  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Get for first fragrant potatoes of the year
  • Easy to grow in trenches or sacks
  • Get lots of potatoes

This is the potato variety for you and your garden when you want to try home-grown potatoes for the first time. Potato Rocket lends itself to growing in containers and GroSacks if you don’t want potatoes in your beds but want the unique flavour of garden-grown potatoes, the smell and sheer satisfaction of digging them up. 

Prized for harvests of perfect, oval and unblemished potatoes from as early as May Rocket is arguably the quickest potato variety from planting to harvest. Showing good vigour and great resistance to pests and diseases you are more than likely to get successful harvests of special spuds.

You receive your seed potatoes from us in mesh bags to keep them well-aired. Just place them in an egg carton and leave them somewhere cool, dry and light before planting in March. This encourages the stems to thicken up from the start for impressive results.

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Catalogue Number 1050-6522
  • Quantity 2kg Pack (25-30 Tubers)

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£5.99 each
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