Rootrainers - 32 Cells

£9.99 each

  • Perfect for flowers and crops with long roots
  • Give young plants the best start in life
  • Reusable year after year

Get just the right equipment for young sweet pea plants and crops with long roots with these 32-cell root-tainers.

Unlike regular pots this Roottrainer system has a long soil cavity so plants with naturally long roots can stretch their legs and take up maximum nutrients and water.

Each cell opens from the side so roots remain undisturbed when it time for transplanting into the ground.

We've improved our Rootrainers to include a sturdy, reusable lid which makes a mini propagator- perfect for keeping the plants happy while overwintering in a greenhouse or light porch.

Ideal for propagating a wide range of flower and vegetable seeds without disturbing their roots when you plant them out.

Reusable 32 cell tray & propagation lid.

Cell Depth: 12cm (4 1/2 in)

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Catalogue Number 1090-5715
  • Quantity 1x Pack, 8x 4 Cell Trainers, Tray & Propagation Lid

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  • £9.99 each
    • Quantity: 1x Pack, 8x 4 Cell Trainers, Tray & Propagation Lid
    • Catalogue No.: 1090-5715
  • £16.99 each
    • Quantity: 2x Packs, 16x 4 Cell Trainers, 2x Trays & 2x Propagation Lids
    • Catalogue No.: 1090-5717
£9.99 each
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