Rose Accessories Bundle

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  • Specially formulated rose food for better flowering
  • Stretchy ties to keep roses upright
  • Stop rose plants weakening from rocking in the wind

Get hold of this bundle containing specialist rose food which encourages more blooming and rose ties perfect for fixing onto stakes nearby which stops your rose plants weakening from rocking in the wind.

Your bundle contains:

Westland Naturally Rich Rose Food: 3kg pack

For beautiful roses every year: Your rose fertiliser contains a high-potash formula so the blooms are treated to the right nutrients for successful development. Enjoy even more beautiful blooms with Westland Naturally Rich Rose Food and healthy, disease-free plants thanks to its nitrogen and phosphorus ingredients.

Rose Ties: 4 pack

For strong balanced growth: These stretchy ‘belt-buckle’ rose ties provide the perfect support for developing plants. As rose bushes grow they are more susceptible to rocking in the wind which can weaken the roots and make them vulnerable to toppling. These ties stop this from happening; their stretchy nature means they don’t choke the stems as the stems grow wider either.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4809
  • Quantity 4x Rose Ties & 1x 3kg of Fertiliser

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£9.73 each
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