Rose (Climbing) Iceberg - Bare Root

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  • Flowering twice every year
  • Delivered to you ready for planting right away
  • Recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society 

This climbing plant with few thorns gives you big blooms of white fragrant flowers throughout the summer. Repeat-flowering, your plants work hard at offering you big roses with lots of petals and flower power at a time of the year you are enjoying your garden.

With accompanying glossy evergreen leaves on sturdy plants rose Iceberg is a fantastic climbing shrub great for a bare wall and adding vertical interest and scent to your garden. Treat your soil before planting with rich John Innes No3 compost.

Ideas for the garden:

Turn a bare or unsightly wall into a natural curtain of snow-white flowers with fantastic scent in summer with your rose Iceberg plant. If there is room in the wall-side border underplant with complementing white bedding such as lobelias and white petunias.

Dig well-rotted organic matter into the soil a couple of weeks before planting and improve the nutrient levels of your soil so Iceberg thrives.

How your plants arrive:

Your bare root rose will be delivered at the right time for planting in autumn or into winter. Unpack them immediately and plant as soon as possible after delivery. If you can’t plant right away, keep the roots buried under soil in cool, moist soil and lay the stems on dry, hessian sack or straw. Look to planting in its permanent position within a week.

Put up wires or trellis behind your rose plant so you can tie in the stems as they grow.

Your bare root roses will be sent out with full planting and care instructions.

Helpful tip:

Prune rose plants to shape in spring and tie in any lolling stems to a supporting trellis. Deadhead spent flowers as they fade in the summer to prolong your garden displays of pretty and scented roses.

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Catalogue Number 5140-1047
  • Quantity 1x Bare Root Rose
  • Height Up To: 6m / 20ft
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