Saffron Crocus Bulb Planter Kit

£12.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Attracts Bees

Buy 12 saffron crocus bulbs, 20 litres of bulb compost and a decorative planter all for just £12.99. That’s a saving of over £6 to have everything you need for growing beautiful crocuses that flower in October and November and you can snip off the red flower-parts for much-coveted saffron.

Enjoy seeing the wonderful petals grow from this much-coveted autumn-flowering crocus as early as October. The petals are beautiful, especially when absorbing the autumn sunlight but it’s the flower parts that are most sought after.

Take some tweezers and harvest the long red flower parts, the pollen-rich filaments, leaving the flowers in situ for you to carry on enjoying in the garden.

Use the filaments in the kitchen for your home-grown superior spice. Enjoy this king of spice incorporated into mash potatoes topping a shepherd’s pie or fish pie. Delicious.

Position your 20 bulbs spaced around 8cm (3 ½ in) apart and push into the soil at a depth of around 8cm (3 ½ in) deep. Water the soil after planting and leave in a sunny position outdoors.  


This kit comes complete with:

12 crocus bulbs for beautiful purple-mauve crocus flowers that appear in October.

20 litres bulb-planting compost- specially formulated to be free-draining and with balanced nutrients, perfect for bulb plants like saffron crocus.

25cm²(10 square inches) re-usable decorative pot with drainage holes.

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Catalogue Number 2100-6544
  • Quantity 12 bulbs, 1 bag of compost and 1 planter
  • Height 10cm/ 4in
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