Sarpo Blue Danube Seed Potatoes

£4.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

A great potato variety to grow for all the family. Its blue skin with contrasting cream flesh make it fun for children to see and try. You can grow in the direct soil in your garden or in Gro-Sacks if you just have a patio or balcony. 

Resistant to blight, bruising and splitting you can rely on Blue Danube to give you good reliable potatoes which don’t succumb to disease. 

Suitable for roasting, chipping, mashing and wedges add some cracked rock salt onto the skins and they’ll make a tasty and popular addition to meals from September onwards.

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Catalogue Number 1050-6759
  • Quantity 1kg (12-15 Tubers)

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£4.99 each
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