Saskatoon Plant - Martin

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

Grow your own super-food ‘saskatoon’ – a North-American blueberry-like plant producing highly-nutritious edible berries from June. Plants give masses of vitamin-rich berries in the summer, said to have a unique, sharp yet refreshing flavour.

These make wonderfully pretty and productive plants which you can successfully grow in your garden, or in large containers which you can position on patios or balconies. In mid- to late spring plants reveal starry white flowers, attracting lots of pollinators.

Once pollinated, blue-to purple berries are formed in large numbers and are ready to harvest through summer. You can eat them straight from the plant, add to smoothies or even as an ice-cream ingredient.

In addition to the many berries, the leaves of Saskatoon plants turn fiery-red in the autumn creating a lovely show from October.

No need to grow in acidic soils like blueberries, these will fruit happily grown in any reasonably rich soil. Fully hardy, you need not worry about harsh and unpredictable UK conditions either.

So easy to look after, the saskatoon is self-fertile, requiring no pollination-partner. Nor does it require pruning. Just water well and feed with a high-potassium fertiliser in summer. 

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