Secret Garden Acorn Feeder

£12.99 each

  • Fill with all bird treats
  • Attracts top 10 UK garden birds
  • Hook on a branch or hook screw
  • No tools required

Consider this wildlife gift for a wildlife lover in your life. The Secret Garden Acorn Feeder is an attractive addition to the bird feeding station and feeds up to three birds at any one time. Just pop treats in the bottom of the feeder – suet, mealworms, fruit or seed and watch your favourite birds arrive to pick up a morsel or two.

This Secret Garden Acorn Feeder attracts robins, tits and finches as well as summer visitors like warblers. Made from strong metal your feeder is durable and weather-proof so is an important mainstay for garden birds in winter.

Continue to feed in summer or even place some dog hairs and wool in the bottom so birds can use the material for nest-building and raising families. In the heat of summer birds will appreciate your Secret Garden Acorn Feeder for a bit of shade with the acorn-cup lid.

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Catalogue Number 80500850
  • Quantity 1x Acorn Style Feeder

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£12.99 each
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