Seed & Cutting Compost with Seed Offer

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  • 20 litres of seed-perfect compost
  • Seeds of home-grown crops
  • Seeds new to 2019
  • Seeds ideal for small-spaces and growing in pots
  • Compost perfect for seed sowing

Enjoy 20 litres of seed sowing compost with five packets of seeds of home-grown produce, new to the Marshalls range in 2019 and perfect for growing in containers; ideal even if you just have a patio or balcony. Choose this collection for growing delicious crops for summer harvesting which are suitable for growing in UK plots.

Look forward to the following crops:

Tomato Lizzano (6 seeds)

Fancy growing hanging basket tomatoes? - this variety is perfect for you. Lizzano plants are vigorous and perfectly shaped to fill and spill over hanging baskets.

Chilli pepper Red Moruga (6 seeds)

Rare scorpion type peppers in big numbers on every plant. Scrambling plant providing excellent cover in the greenhouse. Attractive and bright red fruit

Green Manure Tagetes (800 seeds)

Excellent companion marigold plant for salad favourites like tomatoes to keep pests away- great for organic growers. Roots deter pesky soil nematodes.

Beetroot Sugar Salad Mix (180 seeds)

With this specially selected mix you don’t need to cook these beetroots. This is a mix of the sweetest, softest-hearted varieties.

Carrot Charisma F1 (300 seeds)

Super-sturdy late maincrop Chantenay carrot for handsome harvests in summer and through the autumn too. The broad shoulders of Charisma won’t green up for totally orange carrots.

In addition you receive:

 Two 10L bags of Seed Sowing Compost

Sow and grow with success!

Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost is a unique formulation to ensure the best results for seed germination as well as the on-going success of seedlings and cuttings. It contains a fine grade vermiculite to guarantee good drainage and aeration and a unique blend of plant extracts that stimulates healthy growth.

For orders of 3 bags or more additional delivery charges will apply.

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  • Quantity 20L of Compost & 5 pack of Seed
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