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September 2017 Newsletter

September is one of the busiest months in the gardening calendar. It’s the time of year when the soil is perfect for planting spring-flowering bulbs and bedding plants to see you through the autumn and winter, and planting trees so they can settle in over the coming months, into winter ready to grow stems in earnest in spring.

Now is the time of year to give your lawn an MOT – you can get it looking great for next year’s summer simply be undertaking one or two lawn-maintenance jobs this month.

For inspiration and ideas on what to plant and when, check out our new autumn 2017 catalogue which has just launched – order your FREE catalogue now.


Jobs to do in September...

Plant autumn-planting bedding

We just love Autumn Bedding as it provides the garden with colour through the winter and into spring lifting your mood as the nights draw in earlier.

If we’re lucky and the weather stays mild, autumn bedding will often flower before Christmas, to give you flower colour and the lovely leaves of autumn have fallen.

If you decide to plant straight outside, then ensure that your Autumn Bedding is protected as the plugs can be vulnerable in an exposed location. Consider covering young plugs with horticultural fleece for a week after planting if cold nights are due.


Plant bulbs

Plant spring-flowering bulbs which includes daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths, looking fantastic in containers, in flowerbeds or as natural rivers, fashionable in stately homes and famous flower shows. 

Expect flowers as early as January from snowdrops and aconites and giving you colourful displays as late as June from alliums, camassias and eremurus. Some bulbs particularly lend themselves to certain areas of the garden, such as shady spots –see our Woodland bulbs and some thrive in full sun like our tulips and crown imperial fritillaries.


Sow seeds of hardy annuals outdoors

Hardy annuals and biennials are particularly rewarding to sow now as you know that you’ll get lots of flower colour and texture for great value including scented evening primrose, sweet peas and violas.

We’ve included lots of information on your seed packet to get you started including when to sow, how to care and harvesting information. Take a look before you plant so that you are in the know on how to get the best results.


Give your lawn a MOT now for a beautiful lawn next summer

Your autumn lawn care need only include a good mowing and a good raking, a feed and a seed.

Choose a pleasant day and mow your lawn on a summer cut setting if the weather is still sunny. If it’s a particularly cool September set your mower to a winter cut. Rake vigorously and scarify to get up the summer moss and debris build up.

In terms of feeding the grass, you should always look out for an autumn fertiliser like Aftercut 3 day Green that has slow-release nitrogen, along with phosphorus and potassium. Feeding the grass will give you much healthier results – visibly greener, thicker and hard-wearing.

If your lawn needs some TLC, it’s always worth putting down some lawn seed to help it grow back thicker and stronger. A combined feed and seed is always a good option, as they will be great for filling sparse areas of lawn whilst also conditioning existing growth.


Plant trees

Take advantage of the best conditions for planting trees for your garden. Trees are great to add to your garden to give your garden a bit of height and flower colour from head height upwards.

Trees are low maintenance and give visual interest all year round whether they form an attractive silhouette of branches and stems in winter or a blaze of red and orange leaves in autumn.

Choose a spot where you can dig a hole to around 20cm (8in) deep and wide. Add bonemeal to the bottom of the hole to give the roots of your tree a good boost over the winter, position your tree and backfill with soil. Water well and ties to a stake nearby to keep your new tree upright and secure even in windy weather.


Take advantage of the new and exciting tulips you can choose for your garden flower displays. Tulips now come in so many varieties; some that flower as early as April and some that flower later in the season. Many have show-bench qualities like those that look like roses and peonies, and some with elegant fringed effects.

If you like firework flowers, there are tulips that open out like lilies and others with dramatic streaks of colour.

Here are three varieties for every taste;

Golden Apeldoorn- the traditional cottage garden tulip

Joint Division - Drama and awe – firework-like bulbs

Sweet Impression - Pastel perfection – soft and rich colours


Pest of the month

Vine Weevil is a notorious pest in the garden and can devastate expensive container plants, clematis and a range of bedding. The young larvae are the culprits; they attack the roots which really affect the flowering stems.

When the weather starts to cool, it will be an ideal time to apply Nemasys Vine Weevil Control  as the product will start to control the larvae so you maintain healthy flowers free from damage.



NEW September Catalogue

Look out for our NEW Unwins Autumn catalogue landing at your door soon with exciting NEW varieties of flowers, trees and the best of helpful gardening equipment to make your life easier.

Exciting highlights of the catalogue include:

  • 12 daffodil Rip van Winkle bulbs at 99p when you spend over £10.
  • Get the cheapest free of 4 packs of beautiful bulbs
  • Colour explosion bumper bulb and bedding collection of 72 bulbs and plants.

Exciting tree, shrub and perennial varieties - new to the 2017 range



Autumn is a colourful and bountiful time both in the garden and in the show diary, with the best of horticultural shows RHS Wisley Garden Flower Show (5-10 September), Harrogate Autumn Flower Show (15-17 September) and Malvern Autumn Show (23-24 September).

If you fancy a day out in the lovely month of September and want more inspiration, then head to one of these shows, located in the North, the South and the Midlands, where there will be an abundance of beautiful blooms and great gardening advice from the experts.



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