Seramis Orchid Potting Compost - 7L

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Use this special-mix compost for your beautiful orchid plants, so their base roots have access to the perfect material to anchor into, and help towards healthy growth and enchanting orchid flowers. Simple, clean and safe to handle.

The balanced mix, based on loose and airy wood chips replicates the natural root environment that orchids have in the wild. The specialised compost absorbs water well and gradually releases it to the roots; it also contains sufficient nutrients for optimum growth.

Perfect for moth orchids and slipper orchids, the mix offers the perfect density to anchor the terrestrial base roots in place, yet provide a loose environment that gets lots of oxygen to the roots for healthy growth.

When re-potting in the spring after the dormant period, just carefully remove the plant from the pot, avoiding breaking base roots or aerial roots, and re-pot in larger pot by placing handfuls of the potting mix around the plant.

After re-potting mist the plant well with room-temperature rain-water for a helping hand.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4125
  • Quantity 1x 7L bag
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