Shallot Sets - Griselle x10

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Rare spicy variety suitable for Mediterranean cooking
  • Winter-hardy in the UK producing strong plants
  • Delivered to you at the perfect time to plant

New to the range Griselle gives you a shallot with a practically spicy kick at harvest time from June. Perfect to add to tagines or other North African and Mediterranean dishes this grey shallot is an interesting addition to your vegetable patch.

Long in shape Griselle is easy to prepare and slice in the kitchen. Known as a banana shallot these are well-sized shallots taking on a strong and evocative flavour.

How to plant

Prepare the soil now by raking the area after sprinkling some pre-planting Onion, Garlic and Shallot Feed over the area (about a handful per square metre). At planting time prod your finger or thumb into the soil to a depth of around an inch and place your sets in each hole. Space the sets 20-25cm (4- 6in) apart and cover. The tips of your sets should just be visible above the soil surface. Label and date the variety so you have a record of when you planted.

By all means plant shallot Griselle in containers too if you are short of outdoor space but be sure the container is sufficiently deep (30cm+) 12+in so the bulbs have space to establish underground over the winter and spring.

Water the soil each day but cease watering from around May in the last few weeks before harvest. Harvest when you notice the stems yellow and they start to wilt.

Useful tip

Constant weeding is ultra-important around your shallot plants as they develop over spring and into early summer. Use a hand hoe in containers or larger hoe if growing garlic directly in the beds.

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  • Quantity 10x Shallot Sets
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