Snail Collection 10x Snails PLUS Oxygenating weed

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Snail Collection 10 snails

These are hardy snails, able to survive a winter in the UK. One snail per square foot of surface is a useful guide. Molluscs eat algae and add oxygen, helping to preserve the natural balance of the pond.5 of each:

Planorbarius corneus (Ramshorn Snails) x5 - A large freshwater snail with a coiled shell.

Viviparus viviporous (Trapdoor Snail) x5 - Very effective for cleaning the pond of algae.

A bunch of oxygenating weed, 1 each of Ranunculus aquatilis, Ceratophyllum demersum and Fontinalis antipyretica. 

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Catalogue Number 5090-1004
  • Quantity 5 x Trapdoor Snails, 5x Ramshorn Snails and a Bunch of Oxygenating Weed!
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