Snail Collection 10x Snails PLUS Oxygenating weed

£19.99 each

  • The best in natural and organic pond-cleaners
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Adds life to your pond

Clean ponds the easy and environmental way. This great value collection allows you to add 10 snails into the water which happily hoover up different types of harmful algae while the trapdoor snails eat dead and decaying matter too.

Together these snails bring the nutrient levels down in your pond which in turn encourages more oxygen into the pond keeping your pond clear and healthy.  

These are hardy snails, able to survive a winter in the UK.

We recommend you populate your pond with a snail for every square foot. In this collection you receive five each of;

Planorbarius corneus (Ramshorn Snails) x5 - A large freshwater snail that’s partial to eating harmful algae.

Viviparus viviporous (Trapdoor Snail) x5 - Very effective for cleaning decay and dead matter

In addition you get one bunch each of oxygenating plants Ranunculus aquatilis, Ceratophyllum demersum and Fontinalis antipyretica. 

They give you the multiple benefit of looking good in the pond, adding oxygen levels to the water and providing shelter for aquatic wildlife including fish.

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Catalogue Number 5090-1004
  • Quantity 5 x Trapdoor Snails, 5x Ramshorn Snails and a Bunch of Oxygenating Weed!
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