Soil pH Testing Kit

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Find out the pH of your soil for ultimate gardening success.

Soil can vary in pH which can sometimes effect the plants that you decide to put in. Most plants grow well in a neutral or acidic soil. However, acid-loving plants will only grow in acid (also known as ericaceous) soil or compost.

Our soil pH testing kit contains everything you need to identify whether the soil in your garden is acid or alkaline to help you to decide which plants are best suited to your garden.

It's very simple, accurate and easy to use and comes with full, easy to follow instructions. All encased in a neat lockable box, here's what else is included in your soil testing kit:

  • 1 x Test Tube
  • Testing Spoon and Stirrer
  • Soil Testing Reagent powder
  • 1 x Bottles of pH test solution
  • pH testing colour chart
  • Full instruction booklet and plant pH guide

Comprehensive instructions included.

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  • Quantity 1x Soil pH Kit

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£12.00 each
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