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Sowing Seeds

The most exciting thing a gardener can achieve is to grow plants from seed. It seems so amazing that a plant can grow from what appears to be a small, brown (usually), dried up granule.

Whether you are into flowers, herbs or vegetables there's a massive range of plants that can be grown. Unwins Seeds sells over 620 different varieties of garden seeds that are available nationwide from garden centres and online through our website www.unwins.co.uk.

Growing from seed is easy. Every packet has detailed instructions to guide you through the stages, we have even featured the individual growing guides on our website. Simply find the variety that you are looking for and you will find detailed growing guides and facts.

Most seeds require warmth and moisture to germinate; some require light and cold stimulation. Seeds that need to be sown in early spring usually require some bottom heat (heated propagator treatment) to get them started early enough so that they fruit, flower or crop in the same season.

  • Step 2
    Shake the pack gently to loosen the seed and then open the seed packet and tip a few seeds into your hand. Tiny seeds can be scattered over the surface of the compost. For larger seeds make a hole using a dibber in the compost. Individually place a seed into the hole.
  • Step 3
    Cover over with a thin layer of fresh compost and water with slightly tepid water.
  • Step 4
    Label the pot carefully with the date and seed variety and place in a suitable place for germination. Seeds that require heat can be placed in a heated propagator. Seeds that need a frost-free environment can be positioned in a cool (frost free) greenhouse or on a windowsill.

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