Spiral Plant Support x3

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  • The perfect solution for training your plants.
  • Everything you need to provide instant support.
  • Galvanised steel to be tough and hardwearing
  • Perfect for delphiniums, roses, Lillie’s and many more. 

Tough and hardwearing built from galvanised steel these multi stem plant supports are not only the perfect solution for supporting your plants, unlike many other plant supports Spirals look great when doing so.

Spirals can firmly sit above the plant up to 46cm (18in) in height and allow your plant to grow into its support network of strong spiral swirls which your plant snugly fits into. The height can easily be adjusted by simply pushing the support further into the ground or raising it higher out of you bed or pot.

The dimension of a spiral is 33cm (13in), providing your plants with plenty of room so that they can be easily trained and supported as they begin to grow into the spiral.

A pack of 3 spirals provides you with everything you need to support three of your plants, no additional accessories are necessary, simply add a spiral head to a stem support and plant into the ground for instant support. Spirals are perfect for peonies, delphiniums, verbena and roses to name a few.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7098
  • Quantity 3x Spiral Plants Supports
  • Height 46cm / 18in

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£12.99 each
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