Squirrel Feeder

£19.99 each

  • Strong and sturdy design that can handle the heaviest of squirrels.
  • Open, close lid for fun feeding
  • Constructed from FSC timber and has a corrosion resistant hinge
  • Red and grey Squirrels are both attracted to the feeder

Squirrels are fast moving and exciting to watch. Our Squirrel feeder is the perfect product to attract red and grey squirrels to your garden and provide them with an exciting puzzle that they must complete to enjoy the reward of the feed that you have provided. It also helps keep your feed fresher for longer.

Our FSC constructed squirrel feeder, is really sturdy and will handle even the biggest squirrels to stand on whilst they enjoy their favourite feed.

If you are a bird lover annoyed by squirrels constantly coming and pinching all of your bird feed. The squirrel feeder is a great way to stop that from happening. Our tip is to ensure you keep both feeders well separated and you should see an improvement that your bird food is not being stolen. This also applies to the squirrel feed. Birds do not have the strength to open the lid of the squirrel feeder, so will show no interest.

20cm x 23cm x 13cm (8in x 9.5in x 5.in)

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Catalogue Number 2600108
  • Quantity 1x Squirrel Feeder

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£19.99 each
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