Standard Barrel 120L Water Butt

£39.99 each

  • Constructed in the UK
  • Robust, barrel-form water butt
  • Comes with protective lockable lid, stoppers and tap
  • Crafted from recycled plastic
  • H68cm, 51cm diameter

Potentially collects 120 litres of rainwater, a dependable bank of water for giving ornamentals and home-grown crops a welcome drink at times of drought when water is scarce. Rainwater is more beneficial to tap water which can prove too alkaline for ericaceous plants like heathers and rhododendrons as well as home-grown crops like blueberries.

The sturdy barrel construction keeps your water butt in a firm and grounded position, unaffected by wind and exposed sites. Fully functional this water butt is a dependable piece of kit for the home-grower. With a lockable lid included, rainwater doesn’t disappear to evaporation.

The tap included allows you to take measured volumes of water as and when you require them for thirsty plants.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6041
  • Quantity 1x 120L Water Butt

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Despatched from Mid November

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£39.99 each
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