Strawberry Plants Heritage Collection

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

This Heritage Strawberry Collection includes Cambridge Favourite, Royal Sovereign and Red Gauntlet. These are some of the most widely grow strawberries and are loved for the intense flavour and good all round cropping. You’ll receive two mid season varieties and an everbearer.

‘Cambridge Favourite’ is a well known and popular variety because it is such a reliable cropper on all types of soil and under all sorts of conditions. Provides plenty of medium-sized, light red fruits. It is the preferred choice for delicious jams and preserves.

‘Royal Sovereign’ A mid season variety which produces large fruit, often cropping again in Autumn. The fruit is held above ground level so is kept clean and without damage. Also has some resistance to Botrytis.

‘Red Gauntlet’ Is a mid season variety that produces a heavy crop of large fruit, which are held well above the ground, from June often producing a smaller second crop in autumn. If you prefer to grow under cloches or tunnels then this is a good variety to choose. Has some resistance to Botrytis.


You’ll receive 10 each of ‘Cambridge Favourite’, ‘Royal Sovereign’ and ‘Red Gauntlet’

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  • Quantity 30 Bare Root Plants, 10 of each

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£20.97 each
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