Strawberry Vibrant - Young Plants x6

£8.98 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Hardy Perennial - sow indoors or on a seedbed (April-June); transplant later to flower for many seasons
  • SAVE £3 on six pack compared to two three packs
  • Six healthy plants ready to harvest in sixty days from planting
  • Plants taken from healthy and disease-free parent plants
  • Mammoth-size strawberries on plants with healthy double crowns
  • Doubly productive
  • Sun ripe strawberries for up to three years
  • Ideal in baskets, containers and allotment plots
  • Delivered to your door at the perfect time for planting

Get six healthy plants of strawberry Vibrant to grow on your own plot. Strawberry Vibrant plants are extra productive and produce sweet and juicy fruit in the summer. Avoid those pricy strawberry punnets from the supermarket by growing your own and enjoy sun-ripe fruit for extra flavour.

Perfect to position in hanging baskets or containers we recommend that you add straw to the soil surface once the fruit start to develop. This prevents them resting on damp soil. We also suggest you grow bedding or wildflowers in the vicinity to attract more bees and other insects into your garden.

These insects will pollinate the strawberry flowers that turn into fruit after pollination.

Expect up to a punnet of strawberries from your plants in the first year, and then double the quantity in subsequent years. Look to replacing plants after three years.

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Catalogue Number 1060-5992
  • Quantity 6x Young Strawberry Plants
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