Successful Tomato Growing Kit

£23.95 each

Simple as 1,2 3!

1) Plant up young tomato plants our Greenhouse Gro Bed. 80cm x 54cm (32 x 21 in)

2) Add an easy-apply Bag and Drip Irrigation Kit so your tomatoes water themselves over 24 hours.

3) Feed your plants tomato food around twice a week for healthy, handsome harvests.

This comprehensive kit SAVES you £5 and gives you trusses and trusses of tasty tomatoes.

Greenhouse Gro Beds

To increase greenhouse productivity we have developed a new type of Gro-Bed. The great big, collapsible Greenhouse Gro-Bed just needs four canes to slide in the special sleeves at the top for rigidity. Then fill with good loamy soil or compost and you're ready to grow.

The bag has four strong carry handles, so it can be moved in and out of the greenhouse. It's designed to be just perfect in terms of size. At 80cm (32in) long and 54cm (21in) wide, six will fit neatly into a 8ft x6ft greenhouse. The greenhouse beds are also collapsible. 

Bag and Drip Irrigation Kit

A gravity-fed watering system offering the benefits of drip watering at a low price. As the kit is a self contained system, it is ideal for use in areas where there is no mains water supply. Simply fit above the plants to be watered and let gravity do the rest.

The reservoir will drain over 48 hours (depending on flow rate of each dripper) which will ensure plants are sufficiently watered for a two day period – ideal if you are away for the weekend.

You adjust the drippers to suit your tomato plants – looking thirst, open drippers, going away for the weekend? Close the drippers slightly.

Made from recycled PVC and drippers from polycarbonate.

10.5 litre reservoir bag- enough for 24-48 hours of water/feed solution

Marshalls Tomato Food

Get trusses of tomatoes with this fast-acting tomato food. The high-potash formulation encourages prolific flowering and fruiting for handsome harvests and healthy, disease-preventing growth.

Whether you’re growing cordon or bush varieties tomatoes will set beautifully and produce uniform fruit.  Wetting agent included allows the food to absorb easily into the soil and get to the roots fast.

2.5litres – enough for more than one growing season and stores well! 

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Catalogue Number 1090-4011
  • Quantity 3x Gro Beds, 1x Irrigation Kit, 1x 2.5L Tomato Feed

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£23.95 each
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