Super Dahlia Collection -Tubers

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  • Windmill (Honka, Honka Red and Willie Willie)
  • Dinner Plate: (Alf Ramsey, Mom's Special and Thomas A Edison)
  • Bishop:( Bishop of Llandaff, Bishop of Leicester and Bishop of Oxford- Replacing Bishop Of York).

Plant the tubers at least 20cm/8in deep and 75cm/30in apart when there is no risk of frost and the soil has warmed up. When stems are around 30cms/1ft tall start staking them. Dahlias will grow in almost any location, and on most soils but they relish good, loamy, well-drained soil and lots of sunshine.

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Catalogue Number 5100-8077
  • Quantity 9 Tubers


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£19.95 each
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