Super Natural Koi Food Tub 2kg

£24.99 each

  • Full of protein-rich ingredients
  • Encourage shiny scales and protective slime layer
  • No artificial colours or preservatives

Super Natural Treat Mix gives you 6mm floating pellets that are a real treat to prize pond fish like koi and goldfish. The pellets contain no fishmeal; this has been replaced with a mixture of natural insects and crustaceans. Silkworm pupae is added in excess of 20%; this natural pupae is rich in protein for good health, growth and development. Essential oils included too to increase the protective slime coating to help prevent bacterial diseases and infections.

Earthworms are an important part of the mix as these are a natural food source for koi; earthworms are a staple food in mud ponds across Japan, high in natural protein and oils, helping to build a koi’s natural immune system against disease and helping digestion.

Super Natural Treat Mix includes top quality pro-biotics to help promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria, Montmorillonite clay, rich in minerals and trace elements is added as well as Spirulina for colour and garlic for its healing properties.

With no artificial colours or preservatives. Super Natural contains 37% Protein and 8% Natural Oils.

We recommend you feed from spring and into summer while fish are at their most active. Feed with a wheatgerm-based food too for a complete diet for your feed. Cease feeding Super Natural Treat Mix as winter approaches in November as the fish cannot digest the high-protein food as their metabolisms lower in the colder months.

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  • Quantity 1x 2kg Tub

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£24.99 each
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