Sweet Pea Growers Propagator Kit

£19.99 each

Grow sweet peas like the professionals!

Everything you need for a brilliant show of flowers is here in one kit. Unwins Windowsill Propagator Kit is specially designed to be fuss and mess-free. This versatile propagator fits on the windowsill, or you can use it in an unheated greenhouse. Deep cell trays ensure a healthy root system and all the labelling equipment and compost you need is included.

There’s even a tub of specialist Sweet Pea Feed 850g and a helpful pair of Unwins Micro Snips to help any gardener become a sweet pea expert!

This full kit is worth over £24.00!

The Windowsill Propagator includes:
Robust black base L68cm x W21.5cm x H20cm.
8x 9cm Cell Seed Trays perfect for sweet pea seeds which grow deeper roots.
8x Capillary Mats which prevent both under-watering and over-watering.
2x 2ltr Multi Purpose Compost gives the best results for seed germination.
8x ‘Push-In’ Plastic Labels, great for seed rows.
Weather-proof, UV Stable White Marker Pen with easy-to-remove ink.

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  • Quantity 1x Full Propagator Kit as Listed

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£19.99 each
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