Sweet Pea Seeds - Best Selling Varieties Collection

With a Sweet Pea Growers Propagator Kit

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Enjoy a summer-long show of scented and beautiful sweet peas in your own garden. This is the complete kit for you for successful and easy sowing, raising young plants into free-flowering mature plants and the perfect snips to cut stems for flowers to go in vases in your home.

Your Sweet Pea Best Selling Varieties Collection includes six packets of seeds of varieties valued by UK gardeners for decades, a Sweet Pea Growers Propagator Kit which includes Unwins Micro Snips & Sweet Pea Feed.

The Windowsill Propagator includes:

Robust black base L68cm x W21.5cm x H20cm.
8 x 9cm Cell Seed Trays perfect for sweet pea seeds which grow deeper roots.
8 x Capillary Mats which prevent both under-watering and over-watering.
2 x 2ltr Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost gives the best results for seed germination.
8 x ‘Push-In’ Plastic Labels, great for seed rows.
Weather-proof, UV Stable White Marker Pen with easy-to-remove ink.

Emily - Emily has lovely long stems just right for cutting. The blooms are rose-pink with delicate veining and are heavily perfumed. They are carried on long, straight stems perfect for cutting. Great for both the garden and the vase.

Red Arrow - A rich deep red Sweet Pea with firmer textured petals giving better resistance to hot weather than many scarlets. Holding its colour well, Red Arrow is a perfect addition for flower arrangements.

Heathcliff - Heathcliff has exceptionally fragrant blooms which are markedly larger than those of the old grandifloras. Their long stems give them greater appeal as cut flowers.

Duchy of CambridgeNamed in Honour of William and Catherine The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The delicately scented blooms open in royal blue shades of turquoise and ultramarine and gradually change to incorporate more feminine pinks and mauve's - creating a beautiful ‘mother of pearl' effect. Needless to say it's a Spencer variety! This new and unusual sweet pea was named to celebrate their fairy-tale wedding and it's sure to delight in the garden or in a vase.

Cathy - Named after the heroine of Wuthering Heights, Cathy belongs to our Romantic series of Sweet Peas, which hark back to the Victorian 'grandifloras', but have larger flowers and longer stems. This variety is rich cream in colour and heavily scented.

Memories - This superb purple-mauve flower is a good garden variety. It combines the rich scent and flower form of old fashioned 'grandifloras' with the long stems of modern varieties.

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Catalogue Number 5010-3003
  • Quantity 6x Packs of 20 Seeds, 1x of Each Variety & 1x Full Propagator Kit
  • Height 1.8m / 70in
  • Sowing distance 20cm / 8in

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£19.99 each
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