Sweet Pea Unwins Finest Collection- Seeds

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Sweet Pea Unwins Finest Collection Four of our best varieties, in one value for money packet. All are totally different types:

Prima Donna is an old fashioned pink bloomed variety.

Romeo is an improved ‘Grandiflora’ white with blue picotee.

Oxford Blue a navy blue classic spencer.

Champagne Bubbles a totally unique lemon- cream flushed with amber.

Sowing time:

Indoors: Jan- March or Sept- Oct

Outdoors: March- April

Special note: Do not chip the seeds nor soak them in water before sowing. Sept- Oct sowings produce the most vigorous and earliest flowering plants. Seedling are best over wintered in a cold frame under cloches.

Sowing indoors: Almost fill 12cm (5in) pots with moist seed compost. Sow five seeds, evenly spaced, per pot and lightly cover with a little more compost. Water well after sowing, but not again until seedling have emerged. Place in warmth 10-15 Deg C (50-60 Deg F).

Growing on: Grow on in unheated conditions, ideally in a cold frame. Pinch out the growing tips of plants produced from January to March sowings. Plant out 20cm (8in) apart from March onwawrds.

Sowing Outdoors: Sow seeds in pre- watered soil 2cm (1in) deep, 10cm (4in) apart. Keep soil moist until seedlings emerge and water as required in dry spells.

Aftercare: Support young plants with canes, netting or trellis to about 180cm (6ft). Pick the blooms regularly to ensure a continuous supply.

Flowers: May- August

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Catalogue Number 3021-0227
  • Height 180cm (6ft)
  • Sowing distance 20cm (8in)
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