Sweet Pepper Seeds - Lunchbox Snack Mix

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  • Will flower well in full sun

Grow the perfect peppers to add to the lunchbox. Great vibrant snack-size peppers to add to your children’s lunchbox as a sweet yet healthy treat.

Sowing indoors: Fill a seed tray with moist seed compost and place seeds evenly over the surface and cover them with a thin layer of compost. Place in a warm environment (18-25°C) 65-75°F and keep soil moist.

Growing on: Keep seedlings in a light position as they develop but away from direct sunlight. When seedlings have three to four leaves transplant 5cm (2in) apart into trays of potting compost or into individual 9cm (3 ½ in) pots. Grow on in minimum temperatures of 15°C (60F°).

Re-plant once again into growing bags, larger 15cm (6in) pots or greenhouse beds when the first of the flowers have opened.


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£2.99 each
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