Sweet Potato Bonita Gro-Kit

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

Sweet potatoes – nutritious, versatile and easy to grow!!

Exotic, tasty nutritious as well as decorative as a garden plant, sweet potatoes are a great crop to grow in large containers against a wall or in a structure up which it can climb freely. As you can grow them in a container you can even give them a try on your balcony even if you’re without a garden.

Just choose a sunny position for these; they’re half-hardy so will really appreciate the summer sun. Mist the stems in summer with a fine hose spray as they need high humidity to thrive.

Our Sweet potato ‘Bonita’ Gro-Kits are perfect for growing these tasty crops; one kit comes with;

3 Sweet Potato 'Bonita' plants – expect one plant to produce around six potatoes, but this depends on exposure to sun in the summer. High yielding and particularly suited to frying due to its low water content. It grows well in a variety of soils and boast a high level of sweetness. 

1 Gro-Sack: Re-usable and durable. Manufactured to the highest standard, and is re-usable. UV treated for maximum durability up to 5 years. H45cm (18in) x W30cm (12in) x D30cm (12in) 

75g Potato Feed – high in the major-nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for impressive yields. A little goes a long way, a 75g packet is enough for 3 Gro-sacks. The N:P:K balance is: 15:21:24.5

When harvesting your sweet potatoes in late summer there lots you can do with them in the kitchen. And they’re so nutritious too;

  • Mashed
  • Roasted
  • Jackets
  • Wedges
  • Fries
  • Smoothies

You can make a three-course meal from this versatile crop!!

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Catalogue Number 1080-5770
  • Quantity 3x Sweet Potato Plants, 1x Gro-Sack and 1x 75g Bag of Feed

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£9.99 each
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