Tangerine Twist Hanging Basket Collection - Plants

£19.99 each

  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun

This beautiful basket collection comprises 6 pre-selected hanging basket varieties, expertly chosen to provide you a season-long decadent display of stunning colour to enhance your summer garden. Works out at under £2 for every summer-long flower you receive.

Contains 3 plants each of Begonia Starshine Orange, Calibrachoa Can Can Orange, Petunia Fanfare White, Verbena Aztec Violet, Nemesia Lagoon, Lobelia Waterfall Ice White.

Begonia Starshine Orange

Tropical in shade, tropical in feel- this lovely variety boasts vibrant pendant flowers amid jungle-feel leaves

Calibrachoa Can Can Orange

Warm marmalade colours for this variety which has a strong vigour for bold basket displays. Blooms stay open be it a sunny day or a cloudy day, keeping your spirits up.

Petunia Fanfare White

Frothing with snow-white blooms, this variety is vivacious and contrasts beautifully with the warm colours of accompanying calibrachoa and begonia.

Verbena Aztec Violet

Generously free-flowering, Aztec Violet gives you uplifting blooms through the summer season. Textured leaves add a further dimension to this already dazzling display.

Nemesia Lagoon

Bubbly and effervescent this nemesia is a strong contender for any hanging basket display. Sweetly scented and compact and long-flowering. Lovely.

Lobelia Waterfall Ice White

Sun, shade or showers, this lobelia brightens up baskets and puts you in great spirits. So elegant and a pleasure to see spilling over the sides.

You receive 3 young plants of each of the six varieties above, that’s a generous 18 plants in total. That’s enough to fill 18 inch (45cm) diameter hanging basket. Simply fill your basket with compost, mark out six equal sections with your finger and plant the three plants of each variety within the sections.

Give them a watering after planting and hang up.

Get several Tangerine Twist Hanging Baskets for a more impactful display in your garden or outdoor space.    

*Hanging basket not included

How your plants arrive

Each of your flowers arrives to you as young plants containing a ‘plug’ of soil with roots running through them and some small green stems and leaves.

Although they are little they are the perfect size to get growing fast once you plant them up.

Your flower plants will arrive to you in a plastic wallet contained in a bubble-lined envelope or a box for larger orders. The wallet allows your young plants to stay healthy by giving them an ideal air and root environment when it arrives to you. Check your 18 plants are there in the plastic wallet/s, according to your order.

Can’t plant straight away?

If you cannot plant up your flower plants straight away into their permanent position make sure the plugs of your plants are kept moist at all times.

You can place your plants on a saucer or tray of water so the plugs are immersed at the beginning of the day. Keep an eye on them and take them out of the water once the soil is moist from absorbing the water beneath.

Keep your flowers in a well-ventilated and light position in their plastic wallet after giving them water. Look to planting in their permanent position within 5-7 days.

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Catalogue Number 5120-1089
  • Quantity 18 plants, 3 of each variety
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