The Florist's Collection Sweet Pea Seeds

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Heathcliff Has exceptionally fragrant emperor purple blooms which are markedly larger than those of the old grandifloras. Their long stems give them greater appeal as cut flowers.

Cream Eggs A modern Grandiflora type of sweet pea – which means more bold flowers and more scent. The luxurious cream petals have a purple edge which changes to vivid blue with age. Perfect for cutting too and bringing indoors to add delicious sweet pea scent to the house.

Blue Ripple Unusual sky blue colour, these fantastic sky blue flowers look absolutely stunning in the garden, not to mention in a vase!
On a closer look they have marbled white and blue markings all over the petals with a much darker blue blotch on the outer side.
They have a delicate fragrance as well and usually grow on long straight stems, perfect for cutting.

Precious Beautifully formed long stemmed blooms of rosy-pink on white ground are carried on long strong stems making them perfect for cutting.

Nimbus One of the more unusual varieties of sweet pea, the white flowers are striped with inky blue markings. Interesting for the garden displays and flower arrangements alike.

Scarlett A unique variety combining the old fashioned scent associated with grandiflora sweet peas, and the flower size and stem length of modern Spencer varieties. 

In vibrant red, the colour of romance itself, it is sure to make an impact.

Vera Lynn An exhibition classic on account of its beautiful deep pink petals borne on long stems perfect for cutting and putting in vases you have at home.

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Catalogue Number 5010-2122
  • Quantity 7 Packs of seed (140 seeds)
  • Height 180cm / 6ft
  • Sowing distance 20cm / 8in

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£13.95 each
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