Three Piece Water Butt Stand

£19.99 each

  • Suitable for 120L Standard Water Butt Barrel
  • Elevates your water butt off the ground for easier water extraction
  • 3-part plastic construction
  • H30cm, diameter 50cm

Add this sturdy stand as a solid foundation for your 120litre Standard Water Butt Barrel. Elevating your water butt makes extracting rainwater easier and prevents having to crouch low to the ground saving your knees and back.

Made from three parts the stand provides a firm base meaning that when empty your water butt will not blow away if in an exposed site.

Collecting rainwater is a wise strategy for the gardener to have a reservoir of usable water in times of drought when garden plants need water but there is little rainfall. Rainwater is beneficial for garden plants over tapwater which can prove too alkaline for plants to be able to fully utilise.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6042
  • Quantity 1x Water Butt Stand

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£19.99 each
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