Tomato Growpots

£14.99 each

  • Three in every pack
  • Save water, time and effort
  • Easy feeding and watering regime
  • Loved by top tomato growers

Tomato  GROWPOTS® bring ring culture right up to date with the latest Watering Spike Technology. The UK’s best-selling tomato growing aid delivers food and water exactly where it’s needed.

These Tomato GROWPOTS® help produce up to 40% more tomatoes. Great news when you want to increase your home-grown supplies for the kitchen and salad bowl.

Easy and accurate separated watering and feeding tomato GROWPOTS® use 30% less water; everything you put in the bag, - stays in the bag.

Kind to the environment these tomato aids are made from recycled material and you can use them again and again in your greenhouse.

How to fit

Use three GROWPOTS® for a standard size growing bag. Use a sharp knife to cut out and remove the plastic discs from inside the ‘inner pots’.

Press the GROWPOTS down to pierce the grow bag with the watering spikes

Feed into the centre of the pot and water in the outer ring. Both water and food will be taken up by the roots below.

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Catalogue Number 1090-9771
  • Quantity 3 Growpots

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£14.99 each
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