Tomato Indoor Disease-Resistant Collection

£6.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

Select this trio of indoor-growing tomatoes, every plant having strong resistance to wilt, virus and nematodes so you can rely on handfuls of blemish-free tomatoes from strong, sturdy and productive F1 hybrid plants.

This trio offers you a big harvest of tomatoes in three different sizes, beefsteak Corazon for stuffing and baking, Gardening Delight for slicing and serving with basil and olive oil and Sweet Success for salads and reducing to sauces.

All three are cordon varieties which happily grow in any unheated greenhouse over summer trained upwards to produce multiple generously-fruiting trusses.

You receive one plant each of:

  • Gardening Delight (Reliable cropper of golf-ball sized tomatoes)
  • Corazon (Attractive ribbed beefsteak type, fleshy and great for stuffing)
  • Sweet Success (Sweet cherry variety revealing large trusses of 15+ tomatoes)

Rich in vitamins and essential nutrients like lycopene these tomatoes are not just delicious ripened from the sun but full of goodness for excellent health and well-being. It’s not just the taste you can look forward to but the delicious scent too from your healthy tomato plants.

When you receive your tomato plants by post, water lightly, then plant them up in small pots. If the stem tip is bent, rest assured, it will quickly right itself when exposed to daylight to grow straight and upright.

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Catalogue Number 1080-7027
  • Quantity 3x Tomato Plants, 1x of Each
  • Height 2m / 6.5ft

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£6.99 each
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