Tomato Indoor Disease Resistant Collection x 9

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  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting

• 9 strong young plants, delivered to your door ready to plant on
• Naturally vigorous and prolific
• Naturally disease-resistant
• Cherry, salad and beefsteak tomato collection


Enjoy a third off the price with this 3x 3 tomato variety collection of delicious indoor home-grown tomatoes, compared to buying the varieties separately. You receive three young plants each of:

*Gardening Delight (Reliable crops of golf-ball sized tomatoes)
*Corazon (Attractive, ribbed beefsteak type, fleshy and great for stuffed tomatoes)
*Sweet Success (Sweet cherry variety giving you large trusses of 15+ tomatoes)

We selected these cordon (indeterminate) tomato varieties on account of their disease resistance and ease for growing in the greenhouse. At harvest time you are rewarded with vines of sweet and fleshy tomatoes for preparing salads, sauces and stuffed tomatoes.

All these winning home-grown varieties are F1 hybrids from strong parentage. This means they are naturally disease-resistant, prolific and vigorous when grown in a greenhouse environment.

We recommend you plant the three plants of each variety in three grow bags near to each other so they cross-pollinate for more flower-to-fruit fertilization. When you see the flowers turn into mini fruit give your plants a weekly high-potash feed to help your tomatoes develop.

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Catalogue Number 1080-7029
  • Quantity 9x Plants, 3x of Each Variety
  • Height Up to 2m (6 ½ ft)

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£13.98 each
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