Tomato Patio Planters

£10.99 each

  • Easy-add holes for supporting canes
  • Robust handles to move planters around
  • Two planters in every great-value pack

This great-value pack of two Tomato Patio Planters allows you to make the most of home-growing even if you just have a patio or balcony. Take advantage of these weather-proof planters, a generous 45cm (18in) in diameter, which accommodate up to three tomato plants for impressive harvests.

The brass-ring drainage holes let excess water drains away so your tomato plants grow in soil with the perfect amount of moisture. For tall cordon tomato varieties you can add bamboo canes into the slots on the side of your planters and tie in the tomato stems as they grow.

If you want your tomato plants to benefit from maximum sun, simply pull the planters with the tough handles into sunny areas. We recommend that you team up with someone if the soil is heavy to prevent injury. When not in use the planters are easily cleaned, squashed flat and store away using up little space.

Useful Tp:

Leave a gap of around 5cm (2in) from the top of the planters when filling with multi-purpose compost or other soil. This is so your planters have room for watering and feeding without spilling over the side. Water daily in the growing season from spring filling the planter to the top and let the water work into the soil naturally.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4530
  • Quantity 2x Patio Planters
  • Size Diameter:45cm x D:25cm

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£10.99 each
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