Tree Mats 40cm

£6.99 each

  • Generous 40cm (16in) diameter
  • Stops weeds growing around the tree
  • Keeps soil warm around the tree roots
  • No need to trim grass around vulnerable stem 

Take advantage of these natural-look mats, perfect for fitting around the base of tree trunk of recently-planted trees. The mats act as a warming weed-barrier, excellent for new root growth. The roots respond better in warmer soil and are unimpeded by nearby weeds robbing the tree roots of water and nutrients.

The mats let you mow the lawn and trim nearby without getting too close to the vulnerable bark of young and newly planted trees. The cocoa mats allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate through to the tree roots and the mats simultaneously keep weeds from growing so your prize tree gets all the nutrients and water for optimum growth.

You can re-use your mats on other trees and cut to shape if you need to. Alternatively place them on the compost heap where they will decompose fully and provide an effective carbon-rich material to keep your heap well balanced with a healthy nitrogen to carbon ratio.

Useful Tip

Position your 40cm (16in) diameter mats around newly-planted trees after you have given your trees an initial generous water and feed. Your mats will secure firmly in place by piercing some pegs around the edge of your mat.

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Catalogue Number 1090-5770
  • Quantity 3x 40cm Tree Mats

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£6.99 each
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