Unwins Book Of Sweet Peas

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The Unwins Book of Sweet Peas is written in a non-technical way, this book contains everything you need to know to grow sweet peas successfully.

From the history of the first Sweet Pea to tips on breeding, sowing and showing, this well-illustrated and informative book distills all the specialist knowledge built up over a century of growing and breeding Sweet Peas.

This volume is the successor to Charles Unwin's Sweet Peas, which was published in 1926. The Unwins Book of Sweet Peas is based on nearly a century of sweet pea growing and offers straightforward practical advise on raising the 'Queen of Annuals' for both the beginner and experienced gardener.

The full contents listing can be found below growing tips.

1 Sweet peas for quick, easy, sure-fire blooms
2 Classification of sweet pea types
3 Species of sweet
4 Early Days – the monk and the minister
5 Sowing and care of seedlings
6 Preparation of the soil
7 Growing on, care and feeding
8 Growing for showing
9 Fashions, trends and the future of the sweet pea
10 A note on named varieties
11 Sweet peas as cut flowers
12 Growing in a cold greenhouse
13 Breeding new varieties
14 A tale of woe
15 Pests and diseases of sweet peas
16 Unwins sweet peas and the New Zealand
17 The sweet pea hall of fame
18 Sweet peas around the world
19 Unwins sweet peas introduced since 1911
20 The National Sweet Pea Society

96 Page Paperback - ISBN 1-85183-095-2

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