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Unwins Gro-sure seed range makes life easier, with higher germination levels and fewer diseases and pests.

We are so confident about this new Gro-sure range, that we offer guaranteed results with every packet. Gro-sure is ideal for any level of gardener. It  is designed to give the best ever results.

At the heart of the Gro-sure range is our desire to keep improving all gardeners' experiences when growing from seed.

How to sow Gro-sure seed

Fill a pot or seed tray with seed sowing compost

Sow each seed according to the directions on the packet.

Cover with a sprinkling of soil or vermiculite and water to settle the seed.

Label carefully with the date and seed variety.

Seeds that require heat can be placed in a propagator; seeds that need a frost free environment can be positioned in a cool greenhouse or on a window sill.

If sowing directly outside sow at the finished spacings, the large, easy to handle seed means there will be no need to thin the seedlings.

Germination will normally take between 2 and 4 weeks, see individual seed packets for exact timings for each variety.

More advantages of gro-sure seeds!

Gro-sure is not only easy to handle, it also features some of the latest disease and pest resistant varieties. We have teamed up once again with world leading plant science company Syngenta to bring you the best from the world of seed. Included in this is now the most comprehensive range of club root resistant brassica, a technology developed by Syngenta.

Gro-sure StandGro-sure is about helping any gardener achieve success!
Essentially, we've taken the very best seeds available from across the world and made them even better.

Each seed is chosen for its vigour, flavour, trueness to type uniformity, and disease resistance. We then give a small helping hand by coating any difficult to handle seeds for easy sowing. And because we are confident that every seed will yield a plant, no thinning is required.

The Gro-sure range utilises F1 Hybrid varieties which have been developed for purity, trueness and a number of additional benefits to all gardeners.

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