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We would like to offer you six random packs of our end of season “best planted by July 2016” vegetable seed FREE with every Unwins GYO book. If you had bought this seed in January it would have had an average value of £12!

The seed packets are taken at random but will be 6 completely different varieties. It might be that you have a couple of tomato packets, but they will be different tomato varieties.

Our GYO book was written by Chelsea gold medal winner Andy McIndoe and is designed to help you get the maximum impact from your available garden space and is aimed at the novice & part time gardener. 

There is information on using patios, pots, containers and windowsills and if you are lucky enough to have the space there is an additional two chapters on “small vegetable plots” and “the allotment” to help guide you on crops and crop rotation.

Using his 25 years of experience Andy also highlights his passion for some clever techniques to create food & flowers in the same border area using traditional British cottage garden schemes. 

Spread across 7 chapters with hundreds of step by step full colour pictures this book is a great introduction to producing healthy food for you and your family. 

Chapter 1 Getting Started

Chapter 2 Where What & When

Chapter 3 Growing in a conservatory or greenhouse

Chapter 4 Growing in containers and raised planters

Chapter 5 The cottage garden approach

Chapter 6 The small vegetable plot

Chapter 7 The allotment

Fully indexed if you just want to cherry pick your favourite fruit and vegetables, we believe our book will make back the £9.99 cost in its first year of being used.


Did you know that we pack our seed packets fresh each year? When packed our seed has an average germination of 95%-98% depending on the variety. 

We always have some seed packets left over at the end of the season. The seed packed for 2016; when planted in 2017 still has a germination average of 85%-95% depending on  the variety. Which means that at least 8 in every 10 seeds planted will germinate.

All you have to remember is to keep the seed packets in a cool, dark place like a sideboard drawer to get the very best results in 2017.

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£10.00 each
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