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Unwins Seed Quality Information

For total confidence in the quality of the seeds that you buy choose Unwins Seeds. Our range of flower, herb and vegetable seeds are extensively and continually tested to guarantee an exceptional level of purity and germination.

The team of experts at Unwins are dedicated to quality control and have state of the art germination laboratory at their disposal to ensure that every variety of seed on offer lives up to their exacting standards. It's what consumers expect and exactly what Unwins Seeds delivers.

At Unwins seeds there are five complex stages of quality control:

Stage 1: Sampling
It's no good just testing one packet of seed from each variety. The sample seed needs to represent the whole seed batch. Unwins accredited seed sample team are able to ensure that full and representative samples are taken from each batch of seed.

Stage 2: Purity
Seed is a precious commodity. Consumers don't want to find alien particles or other seeds within a packet they buy. That's why Unwins qualified Quality Control team analyse each and every sample of seed for purity. Only if the seed matches and exceeds Unwins' own exacting purity standards will it go into the next stage: germination trials.

Stage 3: Germination
Seed is a living product and one that is susceptible to environmental conditions. Unwins needs to ensure that each pack purchased not only germinates, but also is uniform and representative of the variety purchased. Every batch of Unwins Seed is tested for initial germination and uniformity of the seedling. Unwins ensure that at all stages its seeds exceed set industry standards for germination and uniformity. Once the germination standards are achieved the seed is released for production.

Stage 4: Production
Seed needs to be packaged and treated with care to ensure its longevity and viability. To ensure the highest quality ion all Unwins Seeds, they are packed in a controlled atmosphere. Unwins has developed a variety of ways to pack seeds, depending on their size and vulnerability.

Most Unwins seed is packed and sealed into foil sachets. For smaller, more vulnerable seed such as petunia, Unwins has developed a unique fine seed sower that enables the fine seed to be packed into a unique, mini, plastic tube. This keeps the seed safe, helps to reduce seed damage and makes it easier for the gardener to sow them.

Stage 5: Packaging
Simple, clear and easy to understand packaging is essential for seed. That's why Unwins seed packaging has been designed by consumers for consumers. Each pack uses simple language, easy to understand illustrations and clear photography. Each pack also includes a simple guide on the type of plant and where it can be grown for the best results.


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