Vegepod Large Winter Cover

£30.00 each

This additional winter cover for your Vegepod is made from clear non-permeable PVC. The covers are custom cut and hem-sewn to size and shape to ensure they easily fit over your Vegepod canopy.

The cover creates a greenhouse environment for plants allowing sunlight through and keeping rain out. The cover will protect your plants from the winter elements such as cold wind, frost and snow keeping your plants growing throughout the winter season.

The winter cover can be fixed over the top of the existing canopy for extra protection and you can remove covers according to the weather conditions.

Please note that once the weather begins to warms up ensure you remove the winter cover to prevent over heating your plants.

1 year guarantee.

Please note; this is just the large winter cover, large Vegepod and large stand can be purchased separately. Irrigation pipe not included.

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Catalogue Number 1090-1110
  • Quantity 1x Vegepod Large Winter Cover

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£30.00 each
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