Vegepod Vegebag Small

£19.99 each

  • Durable polyester base and enviromesh cover
  • 60 Litre compost capacity
  • Suitable for seeds and plants

The clever design of Vegepod Vegebag allows a variety of quality crops, from herbs and salads to fruit and root vegetables, to develop in a strong growing environment.

The Vegebag has a special enviromesh protective barrier to stop pests and wildlife damaging your plants, while allowing water and air to pass through and shielding the crops from harsh weather.

With drainage holes in the durable polyester base, the Vegepod Vegebag is ideal for tight growing spaces such as small gardens, patios and balconies. It holds 60 Litres of compost with a soil depth of 9inches (23cm).

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Catalogue Number 1090-1123
  • Quantity 1x Vegebag

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£19.99 each
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