VegTrug Herb Planter with Free Seeds

£79.99 each

Set up your own kitchen garden for herbs using this VegTrug herb trug planter with free seed.

Get your hands on this sturdy herb planter made of durable cedar wood and create both practical and attractive plant displays of herbs. Ideal for a small garden, patio or balcony.

This easy-to-assemble planter is raised to the ideal height that allows easy-to-harvest herbs without you needing to crouch down or compromise your posture.

A pre-formed liner and herb divider is included with the planter; a useful addition which keeps the herbs in separate pockets and the soil healthy and well-aerated too.

Made from 100% FSC Plantation Cedar Wood, you’re investing in a solid and durable wood that’s a naturally good insulator, keeping the soil warm within. Great news for your herbs, as warmed soil encourages healthy root growth, which in turn creates strong and leafy plants.      

With a handy lower shelf, it’s great for storing tools and products like watering cans and seed packets off damp ground and near to the planting area itself.

And because it’s 100% FSC approved, you’ll be automatically supporting responsible forestry practices from your purchase.

The Herb Planter will hold 55L of Compost.

1x packet each of Dill, Parsley Curled, Basil Sweet Green, Coriander and Parsley Italian.

Seeds worth £9.75!

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Catalogue Number 1090-2222
  • Quantity 1x Planter & 5x Seed Packets
  • Size H80cm x W78cm x D58cm

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£79.99 each
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