VegTrug Tomato House H200

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Get this easy-to-assemble and protective walk-in tomato house and create a weather-proof micro-climate against the elements for crops like tomatoes and chillies.

The Tomato House H200 is ideal for bringing on seedlings and young plants when they’re at that vulnerable stage of growing, or growing full-sized tomato plants to maturity. A convenient roll-up, roll-down side means easy access to your crops for watering and feeding, and when you’re done, you can the leave your plants to get on with growing well and producing lots of fruit and vegetables. The roll-up side also allows ventilation to your plants on hot days. 

The house is easy to dismantle when not in use, and can be used year after year for the seasoned gardener.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2024
  • Quantity 1x Tomato House H200
  • Size H194cm x W200cm x D80cm

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£59.99 each
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