Wasps-Away plant collection - Pelargonium citrosum

£5.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

There’s nothing worse than sitting in your garden during the Summer months and those pesky wasps getting in the way of you and alfresco entertaining.

Known as ‘Wasp Shocker’, this tender geranium releases a lemon scent that is similar to citronella candles to distract wasps away from the area in which it is planted. Just brush the leaves regularly to release the scent and say goodbye to those troublesome wasps for good!

Along with its wavy leaves, Pelargonium also has delightful pale pink, cerise marked flowers and is best planted and grown close to your outdoor seating area for maximum effect.

Not only effective on wasps, Pelargonium also works against mosquitos and insects, so rub onto your skin and repel those pests away!

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Catalogue Number 5120-7380
  • Quantity 3 Young Plants
  • Height 20-30cm/8-12in
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