Water Retaining Hanging Baskets - Green x 2

£14.99 each

Hanging basket watering can waste as much as 80% of the water through spillage. These hanging baskets have been specially designed to making watering easier, all you need to do is simply refill the water reservoir at the base of the basket this means you can ensure you target the water directly to the roots where it is needed most and water wastage is minimised.

These water retaining hanging baskets mean no more lifting heavy watering cans and stepping on ladders you save plants, save water and save time and effort.  The unique design of the Aqua Lock features a twist lock detachable water reservoir which is connected to the hanging basket via a capillary wick. This ensures 'self-watering' as the plants in the hanging basket draw water from the reservoir automatically by capillary action and can be refilled from the base to ensure a constant supply of water.

It is also easy to keep your water levels topped up to ensure your plants never run dry and when you need to water your hanging baskets, simply unscrew the water reservoir and simply fill with water. You can also water conventionally from above, there are drainage holes in the base of the hanging basket which will direct at least some of the surplus water (which would normally be lost) to the water reservoir.

The water retaining aqua lock baskets can be planted through the side wall to achieve the classic flower cascade.

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  • Quantity 2x 16in Water Retaining Baskets

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£14.99 each
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